Music-accompanied collage of decomposed clips from every conceivable corner of Earth showing its beauty and ugliness in contrasts that make words redundant.

Baraka is Ron Fricke's first film and is regarded as the sequel to Godfrey Reggio's similar non-verbal classic Koyaanisqatsi, on which Fricke served as a photographer. Filmed over 14 months at 152 locations across 24 countries on six continents, through a collage of beatufully composed images, Baraka unpacks the state of the planet for better or worse. In 2013, Fricke joined follow-up Samsara, showing an even darker version of the state of the earth. The film will be put into perspective by visual anthropologist and initiator of Soulitate Chaibar, Shubhdeep Singh Parwana. The film has been selected by this year's guest curator, architect and film director Liam Young.

The film is directed by visual anthropologist and initiator of Soulitate Chaibar Shubhdeep Singh Parwana.

Ron Fricke, 1992 / no dialogue / 97 min.

Liam Young - "The Man Who Designs Our Future"

Every year, the festival invites a selected guest to organize a film program of particular importance to the person's life and practice. This year, the baton has gone to architect and film director Liam Young, who works at the intersection of design, fiction and the future. He is co-founder of 'Tomorrow's Thoughts Today', an urban future think tank that examines the local and global implications of new technologies and the yet unknown.

The BBC has described Liam Young as "the man who designs our future", and his visionary film and speculative worlds are both extraordinary images of tomorrow's conditions and urgent studies of the vast climate and environmental issues we face today. His work has resulted in the film Planet City, which Liam Young will show and present at this year's festival. His work is represented in collections at MoMA, the Met, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and he has held visiting professorships at Princeton University, MIT and Cambridge, and other institutions.

Besides his own film 'Planet City' we also show the films 'Baraka', 'Nausicaä ' and 'Arrival' - all selected by Liam Young. Former guest curators at the festival include the likes of Bjarke Ingels x Martin de Thurah, Dorte Mandrup, Tatiana Bilbao, Niels Bjorn, Dan Stubbergaard x Henrik Vibskov, Anupama Kundoo.

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