Danish premiere: Air Conditioner

Join us as we shift the gaze and zoom into the African mega-city of Luanda for the Danish premiere of Geração 80’s award-winning film ‘Air Conditioner’, accompanied by bar and DJ-set.

When the air-conditioners in the city of Luanda mysteriously began to fall, Matacedo (security guard) and Zezinha (maid) embarked on a mission to retrieve the boss’s AC by the end of the day. This mission leads them to Kota Mino’s electrical supply store, which is secretly assembling a complex memory retrieval machine. ‘Air Conditioner’ is a journey of mystery and reality, a critique of social classes and how we live together in vertical hopes, in the heart of a city that is past-present-future. Prior to the screening, architect and PhD-fellow, Margarida Waco, will give an introduction to the African mega-city, its cultural and historical layers, and development paradigms. The event is accompanied by drinks and music provided by the local DJ-collective, Urban Connection. The event is free. However, registration is required. Link will be provided shortly.

Fradique / Geração 80/ 2020 / 72 min.

The 3rd Rum, Jægergårdsgade 154, Aarhus

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