From climate sinner to climate agent

Infrastructures of Longevity

In order to change how we design and construct our built environment, we need to understand the impact of our decisions beyond the spreadsheet. This applies to how, where and with what we make our buildings.

How can we design and construct responsibly where climatic and social practices are the building blocks? What are the infrastructures and scalable models we need in order to achieve these changes, and how can we learn from the bottom up? How could we also challenge and make visible the standards increasingly narrated by corporate marketing spin and greenwashing? To broaden our perspectives, this event will attempt to discuss across sectors. It will begin with inputs on larger infrastructures, then zoom in on how the building industries in different countries are trying to achieve change, and lastly we will zoom further into a dialogue across scales and sectors to get closer to existing and new models for change.

The panel includes Joseph Grima, architect, critic, curator and editor as well as creative director of Design Academy Eindhoven and co-founder of Space Caviar; Alice Haugh, architect, lecturer, strategic design manager at Space &Matter and partner in the urban think tank 'In Between-Economies'; Balder Johansen, general manager of the construction company LOGIC &CO., sustainable and cultural entrepreneur; Frederik Noltenius Busck, co-founder and director of CPH Village. Moderated by Christine Bjerke.

Thank you to Vesterbro Local Committee for support.

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From climate sinner to climate agent

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