Norrøn: A New Arctic Chapter - Towards a Local Voice

Come join us on our visit to NORSN's new premises in a former textile factory for an exhibition about Greenland and the studio's projects at the controversial Arctic battlefield.

In view of the issues that currently characterise the development of Greenland as a tourism destination, NORRØN under CAFx2021 focuses sharply on the new Arctic chapter. This is done through an artistic and architectural articulation of—a societal attitude to—what the new chapter should contain and how it should be rounded off, not least in the physical sense. Under the heading "A New Arctic Chapter", NORRØN opens its doors to their design studio on Tagensvej with an exhibition based on three current projects in Greenland. At the centre of each of the three projects is the Greenlandic stone, which is extracted locally and processed in different ways in each project. The stone is interpreted in three large casts in 1:50.

The event is free, just show up.

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