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Spatial feminist genealogy

Copenhagen Architecture Festival x LOUISIANA: Gender and architecture


We have invited the Berlin-based group Soft Agency to lecture on feminism in architecture. Architects often learn that everything is architecture: that they are trained in a discipline without borders that reaches for all aspects of life. Feminism has questioned, challenged and expanded this perception through numerous experiments that address who is allowed to build, but also how. Soft Agency takes us on a tour de force through feminist methods and ideologies based on their own practices. Join us at Louisiana Museum.

Soft Agency works from Jane Rendell's definition of critical spatial practice as a disciplinary starting point to allow for art and architecture to hold a place in between, to allow for theory and practice to meet in space. We follow Rosi Braidotti in her proclamation "Think the continuum, not the division!"

Again this year, as part of the festival's focus on diversity and community, we zoom into gender and architecture through an all-day program at the Louisiana Museum. Here, through four events, we will examine the subject more deeply. In 2016, we had a similar focus, but a lot has happened in the field since, Hence, during this day together at the Louisiana Museum, we try to provide current insights into where research, discourse and practice stand today. Save the date: October 10.

The events cost DKK 20 for the whole day, exl. admission to the museum of DKK 145.

Today's program:

- 11.30 - 12.30: Spatial feminist genealogy

- 12.35 - 13.05: Gender bias in urban space

- 1.30pm - 3.25pm: Far from Heaven

- 15.40 - 16.35: Women in Danish architecture

- 16.40 - 18.00: Dorte Mandrup 'Another Kind of Knowledge'

We have organized other events on the programme under this specific focus. Check out among other ‘Feministisk byvandring' (feminist urban walk) in Frederiksberg with COurban or join and audiowalk with the Berlin collective fem_arcthat allows you to experiemce how urban spaces can be exclusionary in relation to ethnicity, sexuality, gender, body ideals

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Diversity and community

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