Corona Essays

Considerations, visions and reflections on the impact of the corona crisis on the built environment in both Danish and international context.

August 21, 2021
April 26, 2020

In the spring of 2020, when Covid-19 had reached its pandemic stage, we issued an international Open Call to gather global perspectives on the common health crisis and change reality. Here you can read the contributions received, which reflect from very different angles on the many implications of the crisis.

Presentation, Corona Essays

The format is open and can be both text and illustration, however, we ask you to write in English or Danish. The contributions received will be published on a regular basis on the web and Facebook.

Street life is suspended, freedom of assembly is severely restricted, most institutions and workplaces are shut down and social and professional connections are relegated to digital platforms. The home and the nation state have become the guiding framework for our everyday lives to an extreme degree. Land borders are closed all the while new biological, bodily defined borders have emerged through diktat. In a short time, a system of disassociation has been implemented and, as an undercurring effect, has clarified the connection between all of us. For better or worse.

How do we imagine that the pandemic in question will—or should—impact our approach to the built environment and urban development in the future? Less density? More surveillance? More risk management and more preventive measures? What social, political and cultural effects can one fear or hope that this global state of emergency will bring? Increased social equality and solidarity across divides? Across borders? Or increased social control? Reduced consumption and changing mobility patterns? Are there concrete construction projects and planning strategies that look different from our yet only emerging experience of the pandemic, and its expected rapid footprint on economies around the world? Does the Corona crisis herald the return of the welfare state? Is it conceivable that positive experiences and behaviours can be drawn from the Covid-19 crisis to the climate crisis?

We look forward to an exploratory, free-thinking and inspiring debate that can help us reflect together on this time of upheaval and its possible consequences.


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