Film & Architecture

Since the beginning of the festival in 2014, the festival has explored the intersection between the two disciplines film and architecture. The festival provides a platform for both the artistic works as well as for education and learning.


Architecture has had a starring role in movies and documentaries since the beginning of filmmaking. But recently the boundaries between the disciplines have become more fluid as architects increasingly incorporate the film medium into their work. Both employing cinematic techniques as processual tools and as documentation with a broad appeal to a wide audience.

Since the festival’s beginning in 2014, the festival screens between 50-90 different film titles every year. Since 2016 it has hosted a yearly summer school exploring the obvious and the unspoken relation of architecture and film and since 2020 had an affiliated ph.d. exploring how film can be used as a tool to communicate place bound and sensuous characteristics between stakeholders involved in the early phases of architecture. Also, with a growing collection of short lectures and examples of films produced by students, we want to explore and provide a platform for ‘best practices’ in the field of teaching architecture using film.